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23 Aug, 2013 | News, Videos

Air Hogs Metrodome Takeover!

Earlier this week Air Hogs took over the Metrodome in Minneapolis for a full day of flying, Titan tossing, and Hyperactives 5 racing! There's no better place to unleash some Air Hogs than an empty NFL stadium!

To make it even more interesting, we set up a 6 event competition and invited some Target employees to come and battle for the Fly Day trophy.

Hyperactive 5 - An all out Hyperactives 5 race with jumps, a quarter pipe, and upside-down, 5-wheel driving!

Hyperactives 5
Hyperactives 5
Hyperactives 5 Race
Hyperactives 5 Race

Helix X4 Stunt Flip-off - Who can perform a flip, barrel roll, and twist-flip the fastest?!

Helix X4 Stunt
Helix X4 Stunt
With the Drop Strike we had a high-intensity race to drive, fly, drop the wheelbase, and blast the missiles.  The Black Hawk 3CH replica is probably our fastest helicopter so we wanted to see who could really get it moving! The fastest 20 yard flight was the winner. Teams also relayed the auto-hovering Atmosphere and pulled off insane stunts with the Sky Stunt.

The final event is the always awesome Titan Toss. The winner fired the massive Titan glider 64 yards and even out-tossed some Vikings players that stopped by after practice!

Before leaving we climbed to the very top row for a few more throws...

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