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10 Feb, 2014 | News, Reviews, Featured

Air Hogs Spring 2014 Lineup Review

Air Hogs Jetpack Hero

The Facts:

Climb, dive, bank and swoop as you feel the power of the Jetpack Hero’s differential thrust control! Defy gravity and reach sky soaring heights with 2.4Ghz communication and a range of up to 100 feet.

Why it Rocks:

Jetpack Hero is a RC flying superhero!  Whenever we fly one people stop and stare because it looks like a real flying man.  Its also has protected props which make it super durable and crash resistant.

Why We Love It:

  • Ducted fans for awesome power and durability

  • 2.4GHz communication, which means you get ultimate control and great range

Air Hogs Skywinder Stunt Rocket

The Facts:

Unleash the never before seen flight pattern of the Air Hogs Skywinder! Toss it into the air and prepare to be blown away as it swoops, loops, dives and hovers in mid-air! This unbelievable R/C stunt rocket is incredibly easy to fly and like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Why it Rocks

Skywinder is one wild and crazy stunt rocket!  It’s really easy to fly so you can concentrate on the amazing swooping speed.

Why We Love It:

  • Single trigger flight makes Skywinder really easy to fly

  • Skywinder is built from durable lightweight foam material
  • Stunts: master hovers, loops, and stalls

Air Hogs Hypertrax

The Facts:

Grip it and rip it with the unstoppable terrain conquering treads of the Air Hogs Hypertrax! Drive over any obstacle with this double-sided, high-speed all-terrain vehicle! Whether grass, dirt, sand or gravel, the Hypertrax’ tread gives maximum grip for incredible performance.

Why it rocks:

Hypertrax can take on ANYTHING!  It’s treads cut through grass, gravel, sand, snow – you name it!  And, it doesn’t matter if it flips upside down – its equally awesome on both sides. Best of all… its super fast!

Why we love it:

  • Independent suspension, which lets you cruise right over rocks and roots
  • Drive equally well on both sides
  • 2.4GHz communication for ultimate control and great range


The Facts:

Glide across incredible distances with the battery powered flight of the Air Hogs Zip Wing! Build it yourself and easily launch the Zip Wing with your hand. Its engine will fire for 12 seconds propelling it into the air!

Why it Rocks

Just toss it – Zipwing isn’t just a glider… it has a powerful propeller, which means it will fly amazing distances with just an easy toss. There's also no charging required!  Zipwing runs on 2 AAA batteries so when your flight is finished; you just need to push the button to fire up the props for the next flight 

Assembly required! Before you fly the Zipwing you need to build it which is pretty fun in itself. 

Why we love it:

  • 15 seconds of powered flight + amazing gliding each toss
  • Folding props, which make for better aerodynamics and durability

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Drive over any obstacle with this double-sided, high-speed all-terrain vehicle! Whether grass, dirt, sand or gravel, the Hypertrax’ treads give maximum grip for incredible performance.

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