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3 Oct, 2013 | News, Videos

Yves Rossy - the real life Jetman!

Yves Rossy is a real life Jetman. Strapped to a 120 pound carbon fiber Jet Wing he rockets through the air at 190 MPH! Yves body is actually a crucial part of the $110,000 aircraft, which has no rudders or steering control of any kind. 

To turn, Yves moves his head, and sometimes legs, to one side. To gain altitude he arches his back and soars upwards. “It’s really pure flying.” He says. “It’s not steering, its flight.”  But how does he land?  He actually deploys a parachute and calmly floats back down to earth.

And Yves definitely takes advantage of his awesome tech and abilities.  He’s flown over the Grand Canyon, across the English Channel, over Rio de Janeiro, and over the Swiss Alps!

Check out this video from TED Talks for some clips of Yves in action, and a Q&A with the Jetman himself!:

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