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Take the Sky Stunt™ out for a spin… and by spin we mean insane loops, stalls, corkscrews and crazy knife-edged turns. Designed and inspired by real aerobatic stunt planes the Sky Stunt has a 300 foot range and makes mind-blowing stunts as simple as pushing the red button. Now anyone can feel like a daredevil stunt pilot.

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  • Gravity defying stunts at the push of a single button
  • Performs loops, stalls, corkscrews and knife-edged turns
  • Crash resistant foam construction
  • 300 foot flight range
  • Includes 2 replacement propellers
  • Two frequencies for head-to-head stunt action with a friend





”​There are a few stunts it’ll do easily and almost automatically like loops, banking turns, and corkscrews, and you can come up with a lot of other really quick stunts on the fly just because of how nimble and light it is. 

The range is great at about 300ft and the ability to steer without throttle is priceless when you fly high on a windy day and realize you need to get down.”

Taoist Flyer,


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"Finally a R/C Plane That You Are Supposed To Fly Like a Lunatic

Normally it takes a couple of hours of practice to fly a remote control plane with precision and steady control.  Luckily, this is not necessary with the Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane, as the whole purpose is to do crazy loops, stall the engine and dive out of the sky like a madman."



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tips & tricks


Wind: For best results fly into a mild wind at 15˚. If you fly during a strong wind the plane may be more difficult to control.


Need help with your SKY STUNT?

visit our support page > download manual (PDF. 1.6MB)

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