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When you just need to fly, waiting is never an option. So grab your Wind Flyers™ and take to the skies. Quick charge technology lets you get into the air fast. Forget the remote. Just charge it up and let it go for the most pulse pounding heights and distances you could want - all on one single charge.

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$ 12.99



  • Hand-launched, powered free flyer
  • Quick charge technology – charges in 90 seconds or less
  • Easy to use/No remote needed
  • Reach incredible heights and distances
  • Perfect for parks, schoolyards or backyards




tips & tricks


To launch your Air Hogs® Wind Flyers plane, grasp the body of the plane behind the main wing. Holding the plane at arm’s length, launch the plane by gently pushing it into the wind and letting go.


NOTE: Air Hogs Wind Flyers are very light. As a result, the wind will greatly affect the flight. Fly on calm days for best results. If you are flying Air Hogs in a strong wind, the angle of your launch should be below 15°. Otherwise, the plane will fly straight up in the air, and may stall. If you are flying in a light breeze, the angle at which you launch the plane should be above 15°. This will help lift your Air Hogs Wind Flyers high into the air.


Wind Flyers are Air Hogs' quick charge planes. Just charge 'em up and let 'em fly! Watch this quick tutorial on how to get the best flight out of your Wind Flyer.


Need help with your WIND FLYERS?

visit our support page > download manual (PDF. 951.0KB)

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