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Megabomb - Getting Started

You will need:

  • 1 x Megabomb Helicopter
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 6 x AA Premium Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Batteries (not included)
  • 1 x Phillips Screwdriver (not included)

Install the batteries. Open the battery compartment on the back of your controller using a Phillips head screwdriver. Place the 6 AA batteries in the battery compartment, making sure you are putting these in the right way.

Charge your helicopter. Plug the controller wire (which is behind the compartment marked “Air Hogs”) into the helicopter, move the power switch on the controller into the CHG position (or towards the lightning bolt), and you will see a solid red light on the controller. The helicopter is now charging. When the green light comes on with the red light, your helicopter will be ready to fly.

Check your environment. The Megabomb Helicopter is an indoor only helicopter, so before flying, make sure you are indoors, away from any other Infrared devices, bright lights, air vents or open windows.

Turn the helicopter and the controller on. Have fun.

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general info

How do I install batteries in my Megabomb controller?

You will need (not included with your Megabomb Helicopter):

  • 1 x Phillips Screwdriver
  • 6 x AA New Premium Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Batteries of the same brand.
  • 1 x Megabomb Helicopter
  • 1 x Megabomb Helicopter Remote Control/Charger

Installing the Batteries
  1. Open the battery door cover using your Phillips Screwdriver.
  2. Remove any used batteries from your remote control.
  3. Put in your new batteries as shown in the battery compartment of your remote.
  4. Using the Phillips Screwdriver, screw in the battery door cover back onto the remote control.
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    How long should it take for my Megabomb to charge?

    Your Megabomb will take around 30-45 minutes to charge. You will know when the helicopter is fully charged because the red and green lights on your controller will be on together!

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    Where can I fly my Megabomb?

    Your Megabomb is designed to be flown indoors only, so do not fly it outside! The room you are in should have lots of space to fly with no breakable objects. Try to avoid direct sunlight or other IR (infrared) devices. The IR signal between the controller and the heli will not work well near sunlight so you may lose connection and crash.

    It’s also a really small helicopter - it doesn’t take much to knock the little guy off course! Turn off any ceiling fans and stay away from any other air vents.

    Follow these tips and you will be an expert pilot in no time!

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    Can I fly more than one Megabomb at a time?

    You can fly 2 Megabomb helicopters together at a time; just make sure you have 2 helicopters in 2 separate frequencies - either A, or B.

    The frequency will be printed on the front of the box in the lower right hand corner, or on the underside of the helicopter.

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    How far can my Megabomb fly?

    The signal is good for around 20-30 feet. This should be plenty of distance for most indoor areas you will be flying your Megabomb!

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    How long will my Megabomb fly for?

    The average flight time for your Megabomb Helicopter is around 4 to 5 minutes on a full charge. The flight time may vary depending on where you’re flying it, the type of batteries you are using, and how much throttle you give the helicopter!

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    How do I charge my Megabomb?

    What you need:

    • 1 x Megabomb
    • 1 x Megabomb remote/charger with batteries already installed.

    1. Your remote control for your Megabomb Helicopter is also your charger. Lift up the charge cable cover on your controller indicated by the “AIR HOGS” logo.
    2. Make sure that both the Remote and the Megabomb Helicopter power switches are turned to the “OFF” position.
    3. Plug in the end of the charging wire into the charge port square on the side of the helicopter.
    4. Once plugged in, turn the power switch on the Remote Control/Charger to the “CHG” (or the lightning bolt) position. You will know that the Helicopter is charging when you see the Red charging light on the remote.
    5. When your helicopter is fully charged, both the Red charge light and Green power light will be on together. Once complete, turn everything off and unplug and store the cord back in the remote. You are now ready to fly!

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    What more can you tell me about my Megabomb?

    Megabomb™ / Sharpshooter Megablast™

    Variety of colors: Black, Grey


    Control Interface:

    A, B

    Controller Range:
    Approx. 20 - 30 ft.

    Battery Requirement for Sharpshooter™:
    Rating: DC 3.7 V, 1,8 W, 90 mAh LiPo
    Batteries: 1 x 3.7 V Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Requires: 1 x 3.7 V Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery Pack (included)

    Battery Requirement for Controller/Charger:
    Rating: DC 9 V, 0,45 W
    Batteries: 6 x 1.5 V "AA"/LR6/AM3
    Requires: 6 x 1.5 V "AA" size batteries (not included)

    Charge Time:
    Approx. 35 mins.

    Flight Time:
    4-5 mins.

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    How do I load the missiles into the bomb and attach the bomb to my helicopter?

    Firstly, place the missiles into the closed bomb by sliding them down into their housing. Each missile will have ridges on either side running the length of the missile - ensure these ridges are lined up with the corresponding sections on the bomb itself and slide the thinner end of the missile into the bomb. When the missiles are pushed down, you should here a click which lets you know the missiles are safely secured within the bomb.

    Align the connection tab on the top of the bomb to the connection tab on the underside of the helicopter, pushing until you here a click.

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    How do I drop the bomb from my Megabomb helicopter?

    To drop the bomb from your Megabomb helicopter, first make sure it is correctly attached with the missiles in place. Start flying the helicopter by gently increasing the throttle stick on the remote control and when you are ready to drop the bomb, flip open the button guard for the bomb release button and press the big red button!

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    What do the controller / helicopter lights mean for my Megabomb / Megablast?

    Here are the different types of lights you may get on your remote control or helicopter and what they mean:

    Solid Green - Controller On
    Green light Off - Controller Off
    Solid Red - Charging
    Solid Red & Green - Fully Charged
    Blink Red - Low Battery Indicator
    Blinking Red / Green (alternately) - Charge Error
    Solid Red (on Heli) - Helicopter On

    Are you seeing different lights that aren't on this list? If so, call our Customer Care Department at 1-800-622-8339. They'd love to help!

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troubleshooting & repair

Are there replacement parts available for my Megabomb?

There are extra missiles for your helicopter included in the box. Other parts may not be available, so give our Customer Care Department a call at 1-800-622-8339 and they’ll love to help you out!

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